Name: Daniel
Area: Birmingham

Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Working from Home
Nationality: Hungarian
Weight: 190lbs
Height: 5 ft 8
Hair Colour: Brown/shaved
Eye Colour: Brown
Body Shape: Medium/average

About Me:
* I’ve always had a very high sex drive ever since my teenage years, and I haven’t been able to satisfy it with my personal sex life
* I’ve always been interested in trying different scenarios, travel to different places maybe even internationally
* To try and experience things, fantasies that you might not get to experience in your private sex life with a partner
* To be able the do the best thing in life, have some fun and also get paid for it as well is a win-win situation
* To make more money than just doing a 9-to-5 job
Areas of interest:
* The more bizarre the better to be honest
* Interracial
* Hardcore
* BDSM (both sides)
* Humiliation
* Water sports (and “more” if needed…)
* Squirting girls
* Giving Anal (heterosexual)
* Oral
* Role plays
* Even older ladies (18-99 any age group to be honest)
* Bukkake, Gang bang
* Not afraid of any challenge within heterosexual boundaries
NOT of interest
* Homosexual gay porn
* Bisexual men
* Solo masturbation scene
* Receiving anal
* Strap-on


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