Nicole Taylor – Profile Specialist

Nicole has been with Crimson for 6 years.

Comes from an exclusive on-line dating escort agency and has extensive knowledge within the adult film industry.

With a fast growing database of private clients and production companies every member is delighted with her advise and knowledge within the industry.


Tina Harrison – Profile Specialist

Tina has many years’ experience in adult recruitment and has been with Crimson now for over 9 years.

She has worked on film sets herself as an adult actress and still enjoys taking part in some private productions.

Karen Mills –  Productions Liaison Officer

Experienced in all aspects of the adult industry.

Featured in several glamour and pornographic productions.

At the peak of her performing career, a centarfold for” Playboy” magazine.
Today a part of the team at Crimson Talent Management.
The aim is to guide safely and successfully fresh new talent into the world of adult entertainment using her well established contacts and her many years of first-hand experience.

Caroline Rachel Jones – Profile Specialist 

With background in advertising, recruitment and adult entertainment, an agent’s duties come naturally for Caroline.

Caroline has been with Crimson for 6 years now and she is successfully managing 100’s of profiles of both professional and amateur adult actors and actresses.

Sarah Jane Anderson – Profile Specialist

Sarah Jane joined us from a well known Modelling Agency in London.

She has extensive knowledge within the Adult Industry and over the last 5 years with us at Crimson has recruited and situated candidates into a variety of placements.

Forever striving to obtain the very best opportunities for her clients.

Sara Lorena Wyke-Smith – International Profile Specialist

Our American Liaison, Sara works with many international production companies and

for those willing to travel, she’s the perfect agent.

Sara has been with us for 5 years and will be able to introduce you to international producers and get you into the industry through her connections.

Claire Andrews – Profile Specialist

11 years with Crimson. As a team leader Claire manages many successful profiles with us.

With many long standing contacts in the adult industry, Claire is very well known for getting members on the set just within few days.

Lily Novak-Goodwin – Profile Specialist

With history in adult party planning and as a sex toy sales representative, enthusiastic and hardworking Lily was headhunted by Crimson in 2010.

Now a successful agent to many new recruits and rising porn stars, Lily will be able to advise you how to make the most of the opportunities presented and secure the best positions.

David Balfour – Productions Liaison Officer

David has been with Crimson since 2012.

An experienced agent who is also dealing with directors and producers during pre-production & shooting, therefore is the best at preparing new members for the industry.

Crimson has left him in charge of choosing the right productions companies and private film makers suitable for our members that have no previous experience on the set.

He is often asked to scout for new filming studios & locations

Whilst managing over 200 adult profiles on national & internatinal scale he is also representing Crimson and our members to adult film makers.

Managing both male and female actors.

Stacey Dowey – Junior Profile Specialist

Our newest recruit and the youngest agent has been with Crimson for nearly 8 months now.She has great potential to become a very succesful agent. Stacey will accompany new recruits to the set to introduce them to the crew and make them feel comfortable when filming for the first time.

She is in charge of the paperwork and the set passes.

She will be your first point of contact on the day of the filming.


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